Hi!  We are Seth and Sara Brand, and we've gone all in! In September 2018 we both quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and moved across the country to Asheville, NC to start pursuing a full time career in music. Since then we have played in 48 states, and hundreds of shows.   Join us on our adventures and be a part of life on the road with us. We want to share everything, and we want to play in your town!  2018 was a big year for us.  We finally pushed fear and uncertainty aside, and decided to go all in to follow our hearts and pursue what makes us truly happy...our dreams.


So, the long story.  I guess this particular journey all started right after Christmas 2017, when I (Seth) asked Sara to marry me on top of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies, in the middle of the snow, with nobody around and my fingers seconds away from frost bite...

(Actual shot of me asking.  Got lucky with the phone timer thingy!  Seriously, it was that good.)

Mountain Proposal.jpg

We were the last ones out that day for a hike as it approached dusk, so luckily we made it down and out alive...another story...


We decided to get married quick and had a 3 month engagement, tying the knot on April 6, 2018.  We went on a honeymoon in Orcas Island, WA where we had to take a ferry just to get there, stayed in two different cabins on the ocean...life was good.  We came back home to our loft in St. Louis, MO to begin our lives together.  We both had steady full time jobs, loved what we did, life was great and comfortable is how I'd put it.


Then something happened.  One day Sara asked if she could try to manage my music.  I was only playing around town at coffee shops and things, so I said..."yeah knock yourself out kid."  The next day she had a meeting set up at the St. Louis Public Library with the possibility of booking their 250 seat auditorium for a solo gig.  Long story short, the meeting went well and we booked the gig for March 21, 2019 (coming up!)


After some very encouraging words from the guy that booked us, Sara and I left that day dreaming big, talking about our hopes and fantasies, and feeling inspired.  She has always wanted to travel, hike and see the world.  I've always wanted to tour and play my music around the world.  It was obvious that while our dreams and passions may be slightly different, they could easily be joined!


So, we went out for dinner and a drink that night, and while sitting there eating, just decided on impulse that we should really go for it!  She shot a text to her parents to ask if their basement way out in Asheville, NC was still setup for guests, it was...so we struck a deal with each other.  If she could book a solid month or so long tour starting around September of 2018, then we would quit our jobs, sell off everything, pack up and move to Asheville, NC to start doing music full time.  She does not play around folks, within 3 or so weeks the tour was almost fully booked.  I had no choice but to quit my job along with her, and fully dive into a dream I've wanted to pursue for the past 15 years...it's the scariest thing we've ever done!  But also the most rewarding :)


Since then, I taught Sara to play percussion as she wanted to be part of the tour (she rocks btw), I've released a few EP's and singles under Seth Brand Music, and in 2021 we transitioned into "Seth and Sara" music when she began writing songs. Sara has been the main lyricist in our new project, and I still crank out all of the music. Over the past 3.5 years, we've played in 48 states from Texas to Florida to California to New York, and even Canada.  We've slept in our van through all kinds of weather, in parking lots, in camp sights, on side streets, you name it.  Life on the road isn't easy.  Pursuing a dream isn't easy.  It takes constant around the clock work.  Writing, recording and producing new music in our down time, promoting and booking shows all over the country, constantly practicing and traveling just to make enough money to pay our bills, eat and put gas in our van.  We gave up luxury, our own privacy, and comfort for life in a van and a dream.

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